pietra gray marble

Types Of Pietra Gray Marble Cut

Pietra Gray Marble can be used in the interior and exterior of the building. This stone is one of the few stones that can be used for most purposes, such as some marbles that are pale in the sun. This stone is exposed to sunlight. It is durable and nothing happens to it. It is also completely resistant to cold, heat, humidity, and frost, and for this reason, this stone is used in all applications and in all places.

Here are some of them:

Pietra Gray Marble Exterior Used

pietra gray marble
  • Floor Covering: Used as exterior flooring in the form of handcrafted, patterned, sandblasted, and natural.
  • façade: Used in the form of hond, polished, grooved, cut broken, and brushed in the form of slab and tile.
  • Solid stairs and tables: In the form of thickening, this stone can be used for tables and stairs with different processing.
Porosity Special Weight Pushing Resistance Water Absorption
0.44% 2.70kg/cm3 1266kg/cm2 0.42%

Pietra Gray Marble Interior Used

Pietra Gray Marble Interior Used​

  • Four-matched and book-matched: In this process, the beauty of striped stones in interior design for floors and walls are much more.
  • Tile: The tile of this stone can be used with polishing, brushed, bush-hammered and hond as the flooring of any interior, even bathroom and toilet.
  • Countertop: The abrasion resistance of Pietra Gray stone is such that it can be used on the surface of cabinets and tables of buildings and enjoy its durability.
  • Stairs: Due to the strength of this stone, it can also be used as a cladding for interior stairs
pietra gray marble