pietra gray marble

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pietra gray marble


Dark stone is usually used in super luxurious and unique designs which can be considered a creative style. Variety of colors and patterns, strength, and high-quality polishing are among the major reasons which have led to the popularity of Pietra Gray Marble. Also, affordable price is another important feature of this kind of natural stone.

Pietra Gray Marble is one of the international market’s most recognized and widely used stones. This beautiful stone with a light gray to dark background tone and white streaks gives a special effect and is processed in terms of surface treatment, thickness, dimensions, and application.

Pietra Gray stone offers a wonderful adaptation with light stones that most architects want to use in their design.

In the following, we will examine similar and complementary stones to this stone:

Similar Products

Black Marble Stone is a stone with a black background and white lines and streaks. This stone can be used in many places due to the black background and uniform color of the background and strength. The tile of this stone is used on the floor of the lobby, parking lot, elevator frame, stairs, counter top and on the wall. 

Slabs are used as frames and bookcases on the wall to design luxury places. This stone is similar to Pietra Gray in terms of resistance and appearance.

You can get this stone from Ideal Industries.

Black crystalline is a stone with a dark background that some of its varieties have a black background and lines of crimson, white, and gray, and in some varieties, it has a crimson background and black, white, and gray lines.  This stone is produced and processed in Ideal Industries in the form of slabs and tiles.

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Cross Products

The combination of dark and light colors is always special and beautiful.

To have a unique look, we suggest you combine Pietra Gray with other stones.

Persian Scatto Crystalline Stone is one of the patterned crystals This Stone with a white background and sometimes in some varieties a light gray background with irregular gray lines and streaks, which in different varieties of these streaks and lines are different, low and full. Persian Scatto and Pietra Gray create a wonderful design together.

You can get this stone from Ideal Industries.

Persian Silk Marble is a stone with a gray background and white lines and streaks, which is light gray and dark in different types of low-line, full-line, and gray. In some varieties, the lines are uniform and in others, the lines are completely irregular. 

Ideal Industries produces and processes this stone in the dimensions of sized tiles and slabs and sends it to the domestic and global markets.

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